About us

“There’s always a way to do it better - find it!”
Thomas Edison 11.02.1847 - 18.10.1931

The challenge

Water. The essence of life. The world’s most critical resource that sustains life, and thus the global food chain. It powers industrial production, and thus the global economy. Drinking water is perhaps the most important natural resource for human survival, but it is also highly limited and at present a quarter of the world’s population is subject to “extreme water stress”.

Careful, intentional management of its volume and quality in urban infrastructure and industrial processes is our responsibility, and it’s a huge one. We need to do everything we can to be sure water is returned – clean, safe and abundant – to the natural systems that sustain us.

1.8 billion people worldwide drink water that is faecally contaminated

80% of sewage in developing countries is discharged untreated directly to water bodies

47% of world population
will be living in areas of high water-stress by 2030

Our responce

  • Turning monitoring data into sustainable solutions;
  • Providing access to water and sewage where necessary;
  • Water Reuse;
  • Pollution Prevention at their source;
  • Recovering of valuable materials from the waste water/process stream recycling;
  • Effective environmental protection;
  • A holistic and integrated approach

DELPHIN Projekt Ecotechnica Ltd. (founded in 1999) is a Bulgarian-German design consulting company, active in the field of potable, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, water supply and sewerage networks and facilities, sludge and solid waste management, since 2000. The scope of activity of the company includes consulting services, design and participation in all phases of research and construction, including the related engineering activities in the water and waste water sector.

DPE provides a complete range of services from preliminary/ feasibility studies, preliminary and detail design, project organization and contract management, tendering to supervision and commissioning, as well as staff training and technical consulting services on operation, maintenance and subsequent optimization.

As an independent engineering service provider with no obligations to financial institutions, trading groups, contractors or manufacturers, DPE is a reliable and responsible partner who gives priority to client’s interests.

DPE’s experience is not limited to Bulgaria. The company has completed projects in Macedonia, Turkey, Slovenia, Serbia and Germany.

DPE´s head office is located in Sofia and provides pool of high qualified experts in all fields of: technology (process), architecture, civil-structural, electrical and SCADA works, water supply and sewerage systems, heating and ventilation installations, energy efficiency, geodesy, hydrogeology, vertical planning, roads, plan health and safety, landscaping, process laboratories, fire safety, project management, etc.