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Delphin Projekt Ecotechnica celebrates its 15th anniversary INFRABILD Magazine, Issue 7, 2015 /stroiteli.elmedia.net/

On 10.10.2015, DELPHIN PROJEKT ECOTECHNICA LTD celebrated its 15th anniversary. The solemn event was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria in Belgrade, former ministers and deputy ministers, mayors of Bulgarian and foreign municipalities, numerous current and former partners and clients, associates and friends, all invited by the company’s founders.
Speeches were delivered by Prof. Dr.-Eng. Ivan Sekulov, PhD, Co-Founder and Co-Manager of DELPHIN PROJEKT ECOTECHNICA LTD, Dipl.-Eng. Krassimira Kuzmanova – Co-Manager, Dipl.-Eng. Stefan Kinarev – Chairman of the Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design (CEID), Dipl.-Eng. Georgi Kordov – Chairman of CEID – Sofia city, Dipl.-Eng. Ivan Ivanov – Chairman of the Bulgarian Water Association (BWA). On behalf of the Dean of the Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering (FHE) to The University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) Assoc. Prof. Dr.-Eng. Irina Kostova, PhD, a speech was also held by Assoc. Prof. Dr.-Eng. Dimitar Alichkov, PhD – Head of Water Supply, Sewerage, Water and Wastewater Treatment Department.
For 15 years of hard work DELPHIN PROJEKT ECOTECHNICA LTD made a name on the Bulgarian market as a supplier of quality project services in the Water and Sewerage sector complying with the modern requirements and the good engineering practices. Regardless of the difficulties along the realization and execution of the projects DELPHIN PROJEKT ECOTECHNICA LTD made no quality compromises and always strived to reply to the expectations of its contractors, and even go beyond it. These principles and our hard work were the basis of the good results when planning key projects for the country such as the sludge stabilisation plant of the Wastewater Treatment Plant – Kubratovo, Sofia, the Water Cycle of the city of Shumen, the Water Cycle of Pleven – Dolna Mitropolia, the Wastewater Treatment Plant – Montana, the Wastewater Treatment Plant – Pomorie, the Wastewater Treatment Plant – Shumen, Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) – Luda Yana, Panagyurishte, and others.
The representatives of the scientific community in the area of water treatment gave prominence to the contribution of DELPHIN PROJEKT ECOTECHNICA LTD to the practical training of young Water and Sewerage and Water Treatment specialists through the regular admission of students for practice.
Thanks to the great experience gained over the years, the team of DELPHIN PROJEKT ECOTECHNICA LTD is able to meet all types of challenges and to find solutions to the most complicated issues in terms of water treatment, which makes the company a preferred partner for many public and private contractors in Bulgaria and abroad.

Delphin Projeкt Ecotechnica Marked Its 15-Year Jubilee The Company Called Together Friends and Adherents at an Official Ceremony in The Central Military Club in Sofia BULAQUA Magazine, 3/2015, BAW Edition

Violeta Mihaylova

„Every person faces on its way people and events which determine his/her further development. My first meeting with Prof. Sekulov marked eventually the appearance of Delphin Projekt – Ecotechnica. Our acquaintance began in 1996, when, entering the conference hall of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy I poured coffee on a stranger by negligence…” With these words Dipl.-Eng. Krasimira Kuzmanova greeted her business partner Prof. Dr.-Eng. Ivan Sekulov and opened the official ceremony on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the foundation of Delphin
Project Ecotechnica Ltd., which they both manage.
The event which was held on October 10th at the Central Military Club in Sofia continued with the address of Dipl.-Eng. Ivan Ivanov, President of the Bulgarian Water Association (BWA). He described the company with the words: respect, style and innovation. „The attendance of all these people here proves that you enjoy a great respect. And the arrangement in this solemn evening is a demonstration of your unique style. But it appears mostly in your everyday work when you master every detail. It is an indisputable fact that thanks to companies like yours Bulgaria adopts valuable foreign experience, which is necessary and important for us. All this assigns to you a leading position”, said the President of BWA.
The evening continued with film projection covering the history and activity of the company from its establishment till now.
Among the official guests of the event were also Svetlana Zhekova, deputy chief director of the chief directorate Operational Programme Environment at the Ministry of Environment and Water (MEW), Nikolay Kuyumdzhiev, former
vice minister of MEW in the period 2002- 2005, Malina Krumova, director of the directorate „Systems for management
of funds from EU” at the Council of Ministers, Dimitar Kochkov, member of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, and others.
Delphin Projekt – Ecotechnica Ltd. is an independent Bulgarian-German engineering and consulting company, which operates in the field of treatment of drinking water, municipal and industrial wastewater since 2000. Engineers-technologists in water treatment, chemical engineers and structural engineers work with the company. The company has recruited all necessary experts for design in all parts of the projects – technological, mechanical, architectural, structural, electrical, control measuring instruments and automation, WSS, heating and ventilation, etc. the activity range of the company covers three fields: engineering, services, research and development.

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