Research and development

Creativity and Multidisciplinarity, Innovations and Future
“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”, George Bernard Shaw
„Technology is an important element in progress. See, we can always do something better. We can improve water technology, or energy efficiency. There is always progress forward using technology and that’s where innovation starts.“, Santiago Calatrava
Good Research & Development ideas are a long-term investment in both – our own profit and the profit of the community to which our work belongs.

  • Development and implementation of research and development projects
  • Development of modern technologies for wastewater treatment, such as:
    – Processes with extremophilic microorganisms
    – Increasing the biological degradation of aqueous compounds
    – Use of new fixed biomass reactors
  • Development of treatment concepts according to the specific local conditions
  • Partnership for research and development
  • Development of future-oriented environmental water recycling techniques
  • Recycling of process streams
  • Recovery of raw materials from wastewater for reuse
  • Energy efficiency of treatment plants
  • Introduction of high quality treatment technologies, such as
    – activated carbon adsorption,
    – ion exchange,
    – membrane processes,
    – microfiltration,
    – selection of chemicals for drinking and waste water treatment,
    – disinfection and others.