Trainings and seminars

“Learning without thinking is useless, and thinking without learning is dangerous.”, Confucius
„We owe almost all our knowledge not to those who have agreed, but to those who have differed.“, Charles Caleb Colton
The exchange of experience, ideas and knowledge, the use of “lessons learned”, the maintenance of a high technical level, further professional training, awareness of new technologies, good processes and practices – the company offers all this by organizing and conducting various thematic trainings, seminars, conferences, etc., connecting the dots between different parts. The more extensive our knowledge of what has been done, the greater will be our power of knowing what to do.

  • Trainings and seminars for different target groups
    – environmental protection
    – drinking water treatment
    – wastewater treatment
    – industrial water treatment
    – new technologies
    – decentralized treatment and others
  • Partnership for training projects
  • Professional training of operational staff